Help your organization...

• Raise awareness about how the history of unconstitutional imprisonment of Japanese Americans during World War II is connected to current threats to other groups.

 Create coalitions with other organizations to oppose efforts to target, register or ban specific groups, such as the Muslim travel ban.

• Prompt local decision-makers to create educational programs in the public schools about the incarceration of Japanese Americans.

• Heighten visibility of your organization and/or local issues.

• Fundraise for your organization.

Host a screening of And Then They Came for Us at your school, organization, or institution!

To Host a Free Screening

To host a free screening for your organization, buy a DVD at the community organization rate of $50 and you will be able to host a screening.

1)    Buy the DVD

2)    Fill out the form below to let us know what you are doing (and so we can help publicize, where appropriate).

3)    Check out our Screening Toolkit, with free resources for organizing and promoting an event!

4)    Post photos or comments after the screening with the hashtags: #NoMuslimBan #StopRepeatingHistory #ThenTheyCamedoc

If you plan to charge admission, please contact Abby Ginzberg to discuss rates by email at

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